Prophetic dream: “Go, go, go!”…

Several nights ago I had a prophetic dream that I think linked to a couple of events earlier in the day…We live close to a small village and I had to carry out some errands. So I dutifully walked down to the post office and to cut a long story short, I was served buy a young guy who was casually sporting a pentagram t-shirt, coupled with an upside down silver cross around his neck. Now, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out this young guy was seriously into ‘the dark side’ but the thing is, he was courteous, polite and came across as a very kind type of person. I felt a deep sense of compassion for this young man, I felt the Father’s heart and I wanted to bless him. I didn’t know what to say so I just said “thanks, bless you” and as I left the shop I asked God to visit him and draw near to him.

Later that night, as I was about to fall asleep, I was asking the Holy Spirit to show me something, I was praying ‘Lord, show me the church, I want to see what you see’. Shortly after this I fell asleep and went into a very vivid dream.

In the dream, I was in a parked car, looking over at a junction with traffic lights outside a shop. Across from the street there was a young man, probably in his twenties, looking at the shop front – the traffic lights were extremely large and clearly red. The shop front had a large figure head on the window, it was a dark silhouette of a mans head. Somehow, in the dream I recognised that the figure head represented pure paganism, witchcraft and the occult. It was an image of unadulterated satanism. The young man was standing opposite the shop with his hand on his chest and he was crying out to God “Lord, when can I go, when can I go into them and share the gospel?” I could see this man was genuine, earnest and although he was young, there was a level of maturity about him. He knew the Lord was saying no, the Lord was saying its not time – and this was symbolised by the large red traffic light.

Suddenly, I was aware of the word of the Lord entering my spirit. I sensed the weight of the Lord’s decree and I shouted at the young man, at the top of my voice: “hear the word of the Lord as spoken through the prophets: ‘go, go go!’ ” The traffic light changed from red to green and immediately the young mans face lit up and he looked towards heaven and thanked God. I knew he was going into the shop and he would fulfil the Lord’s assignment on his life.

The dream then shifted and I was standing on the street corner. Across the street, a famous evangelist started waving at me and ran over to me and practically jumped into my lap and started hugging me. He was beaming with joy and light and just embracing me and praising God all at the same time. Then the young man came over and just wrapped his arms around us both and the three of us stood embracing each other and thanking God in a state of pure joy. At this point, the dream ended.

So what does all this mean? I think I have a few insights to offer, I feel like others will have insights into this – but my thoughts are these.

  1. God is releasing permission for evangelists to go into areas that for years they’ve only been praying about. Specifically, this ‘permission’ and assignment relates to reaching those who are steeped in darkness. I mean that kind of overt satanism/paganism and full on occultism that isn’t at all hidden. I’m talking about psychic fares, satanic carnivals and occult events – this is the harvest field and God is saying ‘go’.
  2. God is releasing this permission through prophetic voices. However, there’s more to this, and my own heart is invested in this area…What I mean is this – God is focusing the ‘seers sights’ on the harvest field. The prophetic ministry has to expand its view from the ‘house’ to the ‘harvest field’. It’s right that we’re focused on the house, apostolic and prophetic voices will always be focused on foundations, fathering and family but, I believe the Lord is asking us to stretch the boundaries of our heart and engage with his agenda to reach ‘all nations’. He’s calling us, as prophetic voices, to the harvest field. He’s also calling us to call out to the evangelists.
  3. This is important, we can perhaps understand the Ephesians 2:20 mandate for prophets to co-labour with apostles. I believe now is a time for prophets and evangelists to work together – in a level of love and appreciation that few of us have entered into. There’s a ‘marriage’ of ministries and the prophets hearts are going to be turned towards to evangelists and vice versa. If we’re honest, I think we’d acknowledge that prophetic and evangelistic people haven’t always understood each other. There’s been a ‘gift tension’ and sometimes diversity has led to indifference. This is changing and the Lord is calling us into a deeper level of love and unity – for the sake of the harvest.
  4. I think there is a ‘young evangelist’ movement emerging in the earth. This movement is young but not immature – it knows to ‘do what it see’s the Father doing’ and waits for Gods timing and permission. However, there is also an older evangelistic ministry blessing the earth. When the sons and fathers come together and different ministries embrace each other for the sake of the harvest – there will be a release of immense love and joy across the body.

To all my evangelistic friends, if you get to read this, I truly want to honour you, recognise you and value you. We need you, we need you to equip us and encourage us and, in all humility and grace, if there’s any way we can shout out to you and release God’s decree over you, it’s simply this ‘Go, Go, Go!!!”