UK General Election, Anti-Christ Spirit, Corbyn and Rees-Mogg.

That’s a very long title but it does sum up the message from I dream I received in November 2018 (click me for a link to youtube). I had the dream after seeking the Lord in prayer and fasting for three days. On the third night the Lord took me into a prophetic encounter in which I was observing a massive political rally. The event felt very much like a manifesto campaign during a General Election and there was an enormous, expansive crowd, going off into the distance.

In the dream I saw Jeremy Corbyn (who at the time was the leader of the Labour Party) on stage, but my perspective in the dream was then pulled back, like a camera lens moving to get a wide angle. I could see different sections of the crowd and they were highlighted to me, as if to represent various groups within society. There were the students, who made up a huge proportion of the crowd. But in the front row, were high church officials and leaders of various religious groups. Muslim clerics were clearly represented there and leaders of the Anglican and other denominational religious institutions, were standing side by side, in a clear display of so called unity.

Corbyn then began to address the crowd and I could clearly hear his speech, which was in fact a manifesto. He ‘promised’ that if his party were elected, his subsequent Government would audit the Church and hold them to account for everything they taught. He told the crowd that a team of auditors would monitor the teaching of the Church and that if a Church claimed to have exclusive truth, they could face both penalties and prosecution from the Government. Corbyn pledged, that if his party won office, they would monitor the pulpits and that the Church would be accountable to the State in terms of what it taught.

As Corbyn continued to speak along these lines, I could see a row of ‘religious leaders’ of all faiths, nod in agreement and make supportive gestures towards Corbyn and each other. My view of the event then pulled back again and I could sense the Anti-Christ Spirit hovering over Corbyn, as if waiting to be released into the nation, through what he was trying to make ‘legal’ in the earth. I couldn’t see this Spirit but in the dream I could clearly discern it’s presence, it was poised and ready to infiltrate the nation and it was coming through political means.

I became so furious that I stormed out of the rally and headed for a shopping precinct. I was aware that someone broke away from the crowd and started to follow me. I knew they wanted to speak to me but I was so furious I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone. The man following me had a bright countenance and I knew he was friendly and wanted to talk (I’m going to refer to this messenger as an Angel because I’m pretty sure that’s who he was). He eventually caught up to me and tapped me on the shoulder. In the dream, I span around and blurted out “look I don’t really want to talk right now”, and then continued to say to the Angel “if that man gets into power we have lost the nation”. The Angel looked at me said, “you are right, but don’t worry, Rees-Mogg”. Immediately the dream ended and I woke up.

As I awoke, I remember my emotions were a mixture of concern, anger and hope. I wrote the dream down but then began to research Rees-Mogg. I soon found out that Jacob Rees Mogg set something up within the Conservative Party called ‘Cornerstone’ which is a voice within the Party for Faith, Family and the Nation. I’ve watched his career since then and I’ve heard him speak openly about religious liberty. His stance on pro-life, in the case of abortions, is also clear. Rees-Mogg upholds Christian values within Government and my firm conviction, because of that dream, is that heaven has released grace over the UK political situation, largely because Rees-Mogg is a righteous man in Government.

Let me be clear about what I’m not saying, I’m not saying Rees-Mogg will or should become Prime Minister, I’m not saying he’s perfect and I’m not saying he won’t fall from grace. Who knows. What I am saying, is that after a time of seeking the Lord, the Holy Spirit took me into an encounter to show me a glimpse of what we would be facing a few months later. A General Election and a potential Labour Government, led by Corbyn, who would have led this country into a deeper level of darkness than we may ever know.

Let us be vigilant, during these times of Corona Virus and potential increasing Government intervention, to pray for all those in power and positions of authority.

I urge you that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men. For kings, and for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

1 Timothy 2:1-2