The hedge of safety.

I felt to share this dream (click me for video) at the beginning of 2019 because its a word of encouragement and comfort as we go into the New Year together. In the dream I was outside looking at two fields. The Lord stood at a fence looking over at his sheep, he was dressed like a farmer, wearing a green wax jacket and outdoor clothes. I stood beside the Lord and I could see the ‘sheep of his pasture’ but the sheep also had faces. I recognised the sheep as being friends from the Peninsula. The sheep were completely safe, simply grazing in the field and the Lord was watching over them. I had the sense that the sheep knew the Lord was there and they were closely connected to him and totally protected by him.

In a second field, there was a wild goat-like creature or a ram. It was furious, it seemed like steam was practically coming out of its head – it was full of rage and anger. It ran around the field and tried to get to the sheep. It was desperate to get to the sheep to destroy them but there was simply no exit point. The Lord had also fenced in the enemy and this goat was absolutely furious about this. However, he had one tactic that, in the dream, I could see had the potential to be effective – not to destroy the sheep but certainly to distract them. I saw this goat begin to shout lies and send words of deceit and anxiety, words of division and accusation against the Lord and against the other sheep. His words were able to travel over the hedge of protection and enter the atmosphere of the other sheep. The sheep could have listened to him but, in this scenario they were paying absolutely no attention to his words. They completely ignored him because the good shepherd, the Lord, had their complete attention.

I think Job 1:10 sheds some light on this – the enemy accuses God of protecting Job and says ‘have you not put a hedge about him and his house and all that he has on every side?’ In Christ, our lives are hidden in God and he’s fenced us in with a hedge of protection. As we keep our gaze on him in 2019 I believe we’ll experience Kingdom advancement and a ‘safe place’ as we trust in the shepherd of our souls.